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Natural Sciences

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Brenda Young


The pig-nosed turtle (Carettochelys insculpta) is an omnivore that can grow up to 70cm in length. They are found in the freshwater wetlands of Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Carettochelys insculpta is the only surviving member of the genus Carettochelys and the family Carettochelyidae. The pig-nosed turtle is listed as endangered due to flooding, habitat destruction, and human egg collection for consumption of turtles by the indigenous people. In addition, the pet trade traps and sells these turtles. The total population number is unknown; however, it is known that the population has declined by 50% since 1981. Conservation efforts include the legal protection of the species in Australia, control of international trade of the pig-nosed turtle, research and monitoring of the species, and identifying conservation sites to protect their habitat. My poster will assess the conservation plan in place along with creating alternative conservation plans which address previously unresolved issues.