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Michelle Rivers

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Athletic Training

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Nicole Chimera


Sport-related concussions (SRCs) are common injuries sustained by athletes. Balance is affected by SRCs and is usually tested during evaluation using the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS). Previous research suggests that older individuals have better balance than their younger counterparts. Studies have also shown that males tend to have poorer postural control than females. This study is a retrospective cohort design and is intended to investigate the differences in BESS scores of adolescent athletes who have sustained one or more SRCs based on age and sex. We hypothesize that 13-15-year-old athletes will not perform as well on the BESS as 16-18-year-old athletes. We also hypothesize those female athletes will earn better scores than male athletes on the BESS. The data will be analyzed using an ANOVA to identify the interaction between age and sex, the main effect of age, and the main effect of sex.