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Athletic Training

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Nicole Chimera


Sports specialization has been identified as a risk factor for developing overuse injuries in athletics. Overuse injuries are common in track and field; previous research identifies distance runners as being at risk for overuse injuries. However, specialization patterns among track and field athletes (TFA’s) have not been explored. The purpose of this study is to investigate the high school (HS) specialization differences among current NCAA Division I, II, and III TFA’s. We hypothesize those female distance runners will specialize at a greater frequency than the other events and plan to investigate the distribution of specialized athletes and mean differences between the sexes and events. Our research utilizes a cross-sectional study design surveying current NCAA Division I, II, and III TFA’s about their HS sporting habits and is distributed via SurveyMonkey. Chi-Squared analysis and Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA will be used to compare distribution between sexes and events and mean differences between groups.