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Athletic Training

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Nicole Chimera, PhD, ATC, CSCS


Sports related concussions (SRC) in the United States increases every year. SRC determination of return to progression (RTP) rely on self-reported symptoms and balance. However, anecdotal evidence suggests presence of nystagmus, during vestibular-ocular reflex (VOR) testing, is related to SRC. Limited studies have examined the relationship between symptoms, balance, nystagmus, and RTP. Therefore, this retrospective cohort study will determine if presence of nystagmus enhances prediction of time to RTP in high school athletes. Researchers hypothesize that the presence of nystagmus with common symptoms and balance errors better predicts RTP. Multiple linear regression analysis will be used, once without nystagmus and once with nystagmus, to determine if the addition of nystagmus enhances the prediction of the amount of time it takes an athlete to begin the RTP.