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Conner Lorenzo

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Athletic Training

Faculty Advisor

Rebecca Begalle, PhD, ATC, PES


Static and dynamic stretching warm-ups increase tissue extensibility. However, the impact on sports performance is debated. Dynamic stretching may benefit explosive movements, assessed with a vertical jump test. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of static vs. dynamic warm-ups on measures of vertical jump height, peak knee flexion, and foot contact time during the vertical jump test. Participants will be members of the Daemen College community, free from injury that kept them from physical activity, or have balance impairments. Participants will perform the vertical jump prior to and after their randomly allocated intervention protocol (control, static, dynamic). Researchers hypothesize that both warm-ups will improve knee flexion angle compared to control, but the dynamic warm-up will improve performance variables more than static stretching. Data of calculated change scores (Post-Pre) will be analyzed using a one-way ANOVA for each outcome variable (SPSS).