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Physical Therapy

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Jennifer Bogulski, PT, DPT, OCS


Whole body vibration (WBV) training uses low frequency vibrations to elicit neurogenic adaptation. WBV influences the neuromuscular function of individuals through the tonic vibration reflex, which is characterised by activation of muscle spindles through alpha motor neurons. Today, physical therapy clinics and fitness gyms commonly use WBV as an intervention or training tool. Common therapeutic uses of WBV include promoting: flexibility, strength, blood flow, and bone density. WBV may be used to treat hamstring strains, which are described as micro-tearing in the muscle. Micro-tears are replaced by scar tissue altering the muscle-tendon mechanics. Research on the efficacy of WBV in combination with stretching is limited when compared to research on the efficacy of stretching for individuals with injury. This project seeks to review the literature on effectiveness of WBV in combination with stretching on torque and functional hop distance in individuals with a history of hamstring strains.