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Physical Therapy

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Michael Policella, PT, DPT


Diaphragmatic Breathing (DB) protocols demonstrate improvement in pain tolerance as well as decreases in sympathetic response, anxiety, heart rate, respiratory rate, and cortisol levels. In addition, neurodynamic mobilizations of the median nerve show improvement in pain levels for patients with nerve-related neck and arm pain and improve neurodynamic range of motion. To determine patients that may benefit from treatment, the Upper Limb Tension Test 1 is an effective test to identify increased median nerve mechanosensitivity in patients with non-specific neck pain. Nerve mobilization interventions demonstrate positive results, however, the body of literature is lacking research on the effect of DB on median nerve mechanosensitivity. The purpose of conducting future research will be to determine the effects of DB on median nerve mechanosensitivity for a patient sample with and without a history of neck pain.