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Social Work

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Diane Bessel-Matteson


The Erie County Probation Department is charged with helping individuals reintegrate into society following a court-ordered sentence. Probationers often face disruptions in their sense of self as well as in their family and community relationships following the identification and subsequent punishment of their offenses (Leonard, 2004). They are also at greater risk for mental health issues (Trupin, Wood & Harris, 1999), substance use and abuse (Fearn, Vaughn, Nelson, Salas-Wright, DeLisi, & Zhengmin, 2016), unemployment (Harrison & Schehr, 2004), homelessness (Rawlinson, 2012), and re-offending (Williams & Houghton, 2004). This single subject design seeks to determine the effectiveness of counseling and case management interventions in helping Stan (name changed to protect confidentiality), a middle-aged male who was imprisoned following employment-related fraud, rebuild his life. Stan’s goals include improving his self-esteem, marital stability, and community affiliations. The researcher uses goal attainment and task achievement scaling as well as other measures to determine Stan’s success.

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