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College English. Volume 81, Issue 2, Pages 110-132.

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Links between ethical education and rhetorical education run deep, and discussions of ethical pedagogy have been both common and crucial to rhetoric and composition's development since the field's inception. This association between ethics and rhetorical education is deeply embedded within the ethos of the field, given the classical emphasis on rhetoric as the exercise of good citizenship and the central role writing plays in general education curricula. Historically poised at the portal to higher education, composition courses have played an outsized role in the formation of good academic citizens. This motivation to explore the ethical implications of our practice has become, according to Anne Wysocki, the murmuring background soundtrack to all our work. Within our recent playlist, however, John Duffy has emerged as perhaps the most prominent theorist of the ethical current in composition. In this way, relationships between ethics and the rhetorical tradition become integral to our institutional roles and cast in terms that complement current classroom practices.


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