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Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)



Thesis Committee Chairperson

Diane Ryan, PhD, ANP-BC, FNP-BC, GNP-BC, CNE


Holistic nursing is an aspect of fundamental nursing that is often taught to nurses but not practiced in detail on how to utilize this ideology in clinical practice. Complementary and alternative medicine, like Healing Touch (HT) embody holistic nursing, and within the last few decades, have been used more by health care providers like nurses and advanced practice nurses. Holistic nursing and HT are often stigmatized by the health care community due to mixed reviews and study findings. To increase awareness and knowledge among health care providers it is necessary to study the current knowledge and perspectives of HT within health care providers. The purpose of this study is to determine a better understanding of the level of knowledge, awareness and usage of biotherapies, like HT in nurse practitioner students and to measure the nurse practitioner students’ current perspectives on holistic nursing and HT. Utilizing a quantitative descriptive, non-experimental anonymous survey method design, 41 participants were surveyed on their demographics, knowledge and perspectives on holistic nursing and HT. Data analysis concluded that there was a lack in knowledge on these topics but an openness and willingness to learn more information. In order to enhance the knowledge and understanding of holistic nursing and HT, an integration of these methods must be assimilated into nursing education and clinical practice. In doing so, results such as an increase in patient satisfaction and patient outcomes may be achieved.