About Daemen Digital Commons

Daemen Digital Commons (DDC) is the University's institutional repository (IR) for gathering, indexing, storing, and making widely available the scholarly and creative output of the Daemen community. DDC shares the exceptional works of Daemen faculty, staff, and students with a local, national, and global audience. Access to the repository is free to all.

IRs are an excellent vehicle for working papers or copies of published articles and conference papers. Presentations, senior theses, and other works not published elsewhere can also be published in the IR.

Daemen Digital Commons is a service of the Daemen Library.

Copyright and Fair Use

Daemen University encourages the use of all items in the Digital Commons for fair use purposes such as private study, teaching, and research. For purposes that fall outside of fair use, you must be granted permission from the copyright holder. Daemen University holds the copyright to various digitized collections in the repository, however it cannot grant permissions for items which it does not hold the copyright. It is the researcher’s sole responsibility to identify the copyright owner and to obtain any necessary permissions required under United States copyright law.

If you believe your work has been inappropriately displayed on Daemen Digital Commons, please contact jdion@daemen.edu or the Daemen Library.