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Megan Starner

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Social Work

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Diane Bessel-Matteson


Students at risk of failing can earn better grades with the assistance of a trained adult tutor who can teach them critical strategies for how to learn and perform in a school setting (Hock, Pulvers, Deshler, & Schumaker, 2001). Amherst Central High School’s Academic Monitoring Program (AMP) is an afterschool intervention program designed to provide support and direction to students struggling to maintain their academic performance. Student progress is regularly tracked by teachers who work with them one-on-one. The AMP staff members maintain consistent communication with the participants' classroom teachers to identify growth and areas for improvement. By examining report cards, this study will determine whether the AMP program achieves its intended results. In addition, the program staff will be interviewed to learn about opportunities to expand these efforts to further enhance student achievement.