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Physical Therapy

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John J. Stachura, PT DPT MBA Cert. MDT FAAOMPT


In physical therapy practice, therapeutic ultrasound (TUS) is a thermal modality that can be used to treat several impairments related to musculoskeletal conditions. For example, TUS can be used on a patient who experiences a loss in range of motion (ROM) by treating tissue extensibility. TUS treats tissue extensibility by converting electrical energy into mechanical acoustic energy, causing vibrations of the crystal with the soundhead, and producing vibration in the soundhead. The absorption of the TUS energy increases the extensibility of collagen fibers, which causes an increase in tissue extensibility, thereby increasing ROM. Throughout the course of this project, literature was investigated regarding the effectiveness of TUS on tissue extensibility. The research aims to determine if TUS is appropriate for treating tissue extensibility on participants who experienced a loss in ROM.