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Jadelyn Mol

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Social Work

Faculty Advisor

Diane Bessel-Matteson, PhD


The Check In/Check Out (CICO) program has been deemed effective in reducing disciplinary referrals among school-aged children (Hawken, MacLeod, & Rawlings, 2007). The program is designed to reinforce positive behavior by providing regular feedback and enabling students to earn points on daily progress cards for reaching identified goals. Critics, however, suggest this intervention is time and resource intensive and yields limited results when used with children with severe behavioral challenges (Campbell and Anderson, 2011). This study examines whether coupling CICO with another positive behavioral intervention, mentoring, can result in improved behavior in a severely behaviorally challenged child. Mentoring activities involve a weekly voluntary meeting (at least fifteen minutes) between the student and their mentor to support and encourage them in reaching their goals. This study uses observational data to determine whether the addition of mentoring results in improved behavioral outcomes in a timely manner with limited use of additional resources.