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Pay for Play

Darius Garvin


There are mixed opinions about whether the revenue of the multi-billion dollar NCAA enterprise should be used to pay college student-athletes. The NCAA is against the idea because the organization strives to protect and maintain a student-athlete’s amateur status. Instead of pay for student-athletes, the coffers of the NCAA fund million-dollar contracts for coaches and top-notch multi-million dollar facilities. This project highlights the varying views on the pay-for-play conversation including arguments that Division I athletes are in fact being compensated via athletic scholarships and other arguments that scholarships are simply not enough and Division I student-athletes should be able to profit from their name and likeness. The time and effort student-athletes dedicate to their craft is unmatched and the risk of injury during practice or competition looms in the minds of student-athletes every day. That includes the fear of not knowing if their next game or practice could be their last.