Making knowledge, shaping history: Critical consciousness and the historical impulse in composition studies



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The Changing of Knowledge in Composition: Contemporary Perspectives

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As the essays in this volume attest, Stephen North's The Making of Knowledge in Composition: Portrait of an Emerging Field (MKC), published in 1987, is a landmark text in composition, a comprehensive record of key developments, communities, and epistemologies relevant to understanding the field as a field. Yet nearly twenty-five years after its publication, its proper classification within the corpus of disciplinary work produced prior to 1990 is somewhat difficult. North's text is most commonly defined as an overview of research methods in composition, as in Richard Lloyd-Jones's 1989 review of the text published in College Composition and Communication (CCC). In the same volume, James Raymond defines its purposes as twofold: as "an indispensable reference work" and as a "critical survey" (93). Similarly, An Introduction to Composition Studies identifies the text as a categorical investigation of composition research and practice (Lindemann and Tate 1991, 18), as a bibliographic resource (76), and as a social-scientific classification of composition scholarship (99). © 2011 by Utah State University Press. All Rights Reserved.

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