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Natural Sciences

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Matthew Ward, PhD


There are two methods by which organisms inherit genetic information: vertical gene transfer (VGT) and horizontal gene transfer (HGT). VGT is a parent passing on their genes to an offspring, and this happens strictly within a species. HGT is the transmission of genetic material between different individuals and different species. This event has been discussed primarily within prokaryotes for antibiotic resistance, as prokaryotes use HGT to shape their genomes and adapt to their niches. HGT occurs rarely in eukaryotes, so its research hasn’t been explored, but some scientists propose the theory of endosymbiosis, eukaryotes evolving from prokaryote, as evidence for eukaryotes using HGT and the process as essential to the development of the eukaryotic genome. The general consensus is that HGT isn’t possible within eukaryotes, but this research will seek to note the grey area to this definite statement, and that there is reason to examine the rare instances of HGT within eukaryotes.