Submissions from 2021


An interprofessional activity involving pharmacy and physician assistant students aimed at reinforcing the patient care process, Jaime L. Maerten-Rivera, Yichen Zhao, Sarah Latchford, Jennifer Barwell, and Nicholas M. Fusco

Submissions from 2018


Cecal Perforation: A Rare Complication of a Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt, Gregory Czajka and Halley Kreminski

Submissions from 2017


Scholarship Reconsidered for Health Professions Educators, Karl Terryberry

Submissions from 2016


Flushing Lesion on 4-Month-Old Boy, Allyson Kirk and Sarah Latchford

Submissions from 2014


Remediation of interpersonal and communication skills, Calvin L. Chou, James Bell, Carol M. Chou, and Anna Chang

Submissions from 2007


The utility of the venous clinical severity score in 682 limbs treated by radiofrequency saphenous vein ablation, Michael A. Vasquez, Jiping Wang, Marchyan Mahathanaruk, Glenn Buczkowski, Esther Sprehe, and Hasan H. Dosluoglu

Submissions from 2002

The online writing lab (OWL) and the forum: A tool for writers in distance education environments, Karl Terryberry