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Annie Goetz

Date of Award

Winter 12-19-2022

Document Type




Thesis Committee Chairperson

Dr. Janice Hobba-Glose, DNS, RN

Additional Advisor

Ms. Ann Lyons, MSE, BSE


nurse practioner, vaccines, vaccine hesitancy, primary care, education


The purpose of this evidence-based proposal (EBP) was to implement a practice setting change that would decrease vaccine hesitancy and vaccine refusal rates in the primary care setting. The PICOT question guiding this project is: Among unvaccinated adults ages18 and older seeking healthcare in the primary care setting, what is the impact of an NP led vaccine education program compared to current practice (no education) on vaccination hesitancy and vaccine uptake over a 90-day period. The project will utilize an NP led vaccine education program to demonstrate a decrease in vaccine hesitancy and increase in vaccine uptake in the primary care setting. Evidence-based interventions for the project that would be instituted are formal vaccine education for healthcare providers (HCPs) working within the clinic, followed by face-to-face provider to patient education during the office visit. Degree of vaccine hesitancy pre and post intervention will be assessed by utilizing a survey tool. All adults ages 18 and older seeking primary care at Evergreen Health Clinic will be part of 90-day project intervention. Vaccine hesitancy and uptake is the desired outcome of interest. Vaccine hesitancy will be assessed for change by a pre and post survey. Vaccine uptake and will be assessed for change in the immunization status section of the electronic medical record.